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16 April 2009

Monthly figures for the subsidy paid by the Assembly for catering outlets at Parliament Buildings in the calendar year 2008.

The current catering contract is a cost plus contract with some fixed cost elements which, by its very nature is complex. However, such a contract allows the Assembly to have more control on the day to day operation of the contract.

The Assembly, working in partnership with its catering contractor, takes proactive steps to ensure that subsidy levels are minimised. Indeed, as a comparison, figures available show that the subsidy figures for 2008 have reduced by 27% compared to the same period in 2007 (£342,966).

The table below sets out the subsidy levels for catering outlets at Parliament Buildings during 2008.

The full list of outlets covered by this subsidy.

The full list of catering outlets is as follows:
  • Blue Flax Restaurant
  • Press Bar – (available to all building users)
  • Members Dining Room
  • Members Bar Lounge
  • Brasserie
The current eligibility criteria for diners at the Assembly Members Dining Room.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), Members of the European Parliament, Members of the House of Commons, Members of the House of Lords, Auditor General, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Northern Ireland Civil Service, Departmental Permanent Secretaries and Officers of the Assembly (Clerk and above on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays only) and their guests are entitled to use the Members Dining Room.

Months (2008) Subsidy
January £20,795.69
February £18,935.18
March £18,661.56
April £16,560.85
May £15,985.48
June £16,511.91
July £31,854.79
August £35,039.83
September £20,662.15
October £20,227.89
November £15,883.09
December £17,121.93
Total £248,240.35

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