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Chairpersons’ Liaison Group

Membership (17)

Democratic Unionist Party
Mr Simon Hamilton 5
Lord Morrow
Mr Stephen Moutray 9
Mr Jimmy Spratt
Mr Mervyn Storey
Mr Jim Wells (Deputy Chairperson) 5,12
Lord Browne 8
Mr Jonathan Craig 11

Sinn Fein
Mr Barry McElduff
Mr Dáithi McKay 2,6,14
Mr Paul Maskey 1
Mr Cathal Boylan 7

Social Democratic and Labour Party
Mrs Dolores Kelly (Chairperson) 4,12
Mr Alban Maginness 3
Mr Declan O'Loan 4

Ulster Unionist Party
Mr Fred Cobain
Tom Elliott 2, 13

1 With effect from 20 May 2008 Mr Paul Maskey replaced Mr John O’Dowd
2 With effect from 1 July 2008 Mr Mitchel McLaughlin became Chairperson and Mr Danny Kennedy became Deputy Chairperson
3 With effect from 30 June 2009 Mr Alban Maginness replaced Mr Mark Durkan
4 With effect from 3 July 2009 Mrs Dolores Kelly and Mr Declan O'Loan replaced Mr Patsy McGlone and Mrs Carmel Hanna
5 With effect from 4 July 2009 Mr Simon Hamilton, Mr Ian Paisley Jr, Mr Peter Weir and Mr Jim Wells replaced Mr David Simpson, Dr William McCrea, Mr Robin Newton and Mrs Iris Robinson
6 With effect from 9th September 2009 Ms Jennifer McCann replaced Mitchell McLaughlin
7 On 12th April 2010 Mr Cathal Boylan replaced Ms Sue Ramsey
8 Lord Browne became a Member of the Liaison Group
9 With effect from 23rd of June 2010, Mr Stephen Moutray replaced Mr Ian Paisley
10 With effect from 28 June 2010 Mr Peter Weir is no longer in the Chairpersons' Liaison Group
11 With effect from 3rd September 2010 Mr Jonathan Craig became a member of the Liason Group
12 With effect from 21st September 2010 Mrs Dolores Kelly has been appointed Chairperson and Mr Jim Wells has been appointed as Deputy Chairperson
13 With effect from 27th October 2010 Mr Tom Elliott replaced Mr Danny Kennedy as Chairperson of the Committee for the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister
14 With effect from 19 January 2011 Mr Dáithi McKay replaced Ms Jennifer McCann as Chairperson of the Committee for Finance and Personnel

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