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Notes on research Areas

Policy Areas Examples
Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Affairs Aquaculture, Fish diseases, Freshwater fisheries, Sea fishing Agriculture, Animal welfare, Communities, Forestry, Hunting, Land Reform.
Arts, Culture and Sport Arts, Cultural heritage, Languages, Football, Gaelic, Rugby, Athletics, Finance, Policy.
Finance, Business and Industry Executive budget, Cross cutting budgets, Public finance, Taxation, European Union, Pensions, Investment, Tourism. Economic policy, Industry International.
Children and Young People Children & young people’s rights, looked after children, social work.
Crime and Justice Courts, Criminal offences, Criminal procedure, Legal aid & access to justice, Police, Prisons, alternatives to custody & sentencing, prosecution system. Civil procedure, Courts, Debt repayment & diligence, European Union, Family law, Legal profession, Property law.
Education and Lifelong Learning Early education & childcare, Funding, Further & higher education, Lifelong Learning, Qualifications, Schools.
Environment Conservation, Energy, Environmental protection, Water quality Environmental assessment, Finance, International
Equality and Human Rights Disability, Gender & gender identity, Race Religion & belief, Sexual orientation, section 75, NI Bill of Rights, Human Rights.
Europe and External Affairs Operation and engagement with institutions of EU and relation to devolved legislatures, European funding and programmes.
Health and Community Care Diseases & medical conditions, NHS workforce, NHS management, NHS finance, Private healthcare, Public health/health promotion, Elderly people, Care & support service management, Social work, Young people, Learning disabilities, Mental health, Physical disabilities, Drug & alcohol misuse, People with HIV and Aids.
The Labour Market Economic indicators, Labour market, Employment & Unemployment, Social economy
Public Services and Government Northern Ireland Assembly, Government and Parliamentary systems, Freedom of information, Elections, Structures, Finance, Governance, Policy.
Regeneration, Housing and Planning Homelessness, Private housing, Social housing, Buildings, Land use, Telecommunications.
Social Justice Poverty, Social Inclusion, Deprivation, Social Justice.
Transport Fuels, Marine, Rail, Road, Transport Infrastructure.
Voluntary Issues Charity law, Social economy & the voluntary sector.