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The Work of the Assembly

OP 35-10/11


The Assembly to sit at noon.

1. Prayers

2. Assembly Business

Motion - Suspension of Standing Orders

That Standing Orders 10(2) to 10(4) be suspended for 7 February 2011.

Mr P Weir
Ms C Ní Chuilín
Mr F Cobain
Mr P Ramsey
Mr K McCarthy

3. Executive Committee Business

Further Consideration Stage - Employment (No.2) Bill (NIA Bill 24/09)

Minister for Employment and Learning

Further Consideration Stage - Local Government Finance Bill (NIA Bill 14/09)

Minister of the Environment

Further Consideration Stage - Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill (NIA Bill 5/09)

Minister of the Environment

4. Question Time

4.1 Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister

4.2 Justice

5. Committee Business

Motion - Statutory Committee Membership

That Mr John McCallister replace Mr David McClarty as a member of the Committee for Employment and Learning; and that Mr Fred Cobain replace Mr John McCallister as a member of the Committee for Social Development.

Mr F Cobain
Mr T Elliott
Mr B Armstrong

Motion - Extension of Committee Stage: Planning Bill (NIA Bill 7/10)

That, in accordance with Standing Order 33(4), the period referred to in Standing Order 33(2) be extended to 1 March 2011, in relation to the Committee Stage of the Planning Bill (NIA Bill 7/10).

Chairperson, Committee for the Environment

6. Private Members’ Business

Further Consideration Stage - Caravans Bill (NIA Bill 17/09)

Mr J McCallister

7. Adjournment





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