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The Work of the Assembly

OP 09-10/11


The Assembly to sit at noon.

1. Prayers

2. Executive Committee Business

Consideration Stage - Unsolicited Services (Trade and Business Directories) Bill (NIA Bill 12/09)

Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

Motion - Legislative Consent Motion - Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Bill

That this Assembly agrees that the provision in the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Bill dealing with Northern Ireland credit unions, which is contained in clause 45 of the Bill as introduced in the House of Lords, should be considered by the UK Parliament.

Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

3. Question Time

3.1 Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister

3.2 Employment and Learning

4. Committee Business

Motion - Extension of Committee Stage: Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill (NIA Bill 31/09)

That, in accordance with Standing Order 33(4), the period referred to in Standing Order 33(2) be extended to 28 January 2011, in relation to the Committee Stage of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill (NIA Bill 31/09).

Chairperson, Committee for the Environment

Motion - Standing Committee Membership

That Mr Declan O’Loan replace Ms Margaret Ritchie as a member of the Assembly and Executive Review Committee.

Mr P Ramsey
Mr PJ Bradley
Mr T Burns

5. Private Members’ Business

Motion - Public Sector Recruitment

That this Assembly notes the importance of ensuring that public sector recruitment is based on the merit principle; acknowledges that there are still areas of the public sector where under-representation of certain communities appears to be worsening; further notes the ongoing problems associated with recruitment to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive; and calls on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to take further measures to ensure that recruitment in the public sector is more broadly reflective of the working-age population.

Mr G Campbell
Lord Morrow

Motion - Disappeared Victims

That this Assembly acknowledges the continuing suffering of the families of disappeared victims; pledges its support for them and for the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains; and calls on all groups and individuals who have any knowledge of the location of victims' remains to bring that information in confidence to the Commission without further delay.

Mr D Bradley
Mr P McGlone
Ms M Ritchie

6. Adjournment

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