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FORWARD WORK PLAN (Updated 11.03.11)

14 March 2011 16 March 2011
Policy Scrutiny          
Committee Inquiry Final Deliberations  
Budget Scrutiny    
  Departmental Update Briefing on Budget 2011-15
Statutory Rules    
Policy Briefing Session  


Items to be scheduled

  • Minister on Committee Inquiry (Rathgael House)
  • Request from UU to hold a meeting at Coleraine Campus Re Teacher Training.
  • Presentation from NI Music Therapy Trust on the Work of the Trust
  • Departmental Briefing on Food in Schools Policy
  • Presentation from the Voluntary Youth Sector Residential Providers Group on the services they provide
  • Committee Discussion/Stock take
  • Informal Visit to Fleming Fulton School
  • Nurture Education – Suggested Motion to the Assembly
  • Community Use of School Premises Bill
  • Departmental briefing Every School a Good School – A Policy for Improvement Progress Report on Implementation Plan 2009/10
  • Free School Meals & Clothing Allowance Uptake – Advice NI
  • Equality Commission for NI – Exemption of teachers from FETO
  • OECD – Improving School Leadership Report; other Reports & Assembly Research
  • Ulster-Scots - Culture in Education


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