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Assembly and Executive Review Committee
Forward Work Programme

2011 2011
22.03.11 11.00 am
Room 21

Committee Meeting (Public)
  • Forward Work Programme
      Consider Assembly voting system, designations and cross-community voting.

Review the operation of Ministerial Code.

Review the operation of the power to refer Ministerial Decisions to the Executive Committee.

Consider the size of the Assembly and the number of MLAs.

In conjunction with FM and dFM review the number of Ministerial Offices held and the functions exercisable by the holder of each office. Prior to next Assembly elections.

Consider the issue of “Multiple Mandates”.

Consider matters associated with the proposed Efficiency Review Panel.


2010/2011 2014/2015
February March Mid May
    Northern Ireland Assembly Elections.
Consideration of the ‘size’ of the Assembly.
By no later than 1 May 2015 report on the operation of the provisions of Parts 3 & 4 of the 1998 Act 6.

6 Section 29A (3) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998

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