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The Committee for Regional Development met on Wednesday 13 June 2007, and received briefs from Iain Osborne, Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation; David Sterling and Donald Henry, Budget Bids for 2008 –11, Department for Regional Development and Geoff Allister, Acting Chief Executive for Roads Service, Department for Regional Development.

After the briefings the Chairperson thanked the representatives from the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation and the senior officials from the Department. The Chairperson, Fred Cobain MLA, then went on to say:

“It is apparent from today’s meeting that we are making progress on water. The Committee welcomes the terms of reference for the Review on Water and Sewerage, and the Minister’s statement on 11 June 2007.”

“ I also welcome the Minister’s comments, that he recognises the Committee as a key stakeholder in this process and that the Committee will be consulted and updated as the review progresses. The Committee looks forward to playing a full and positive role in this important review.”

The Chairperson, Fred Cobain also said:

“I am glad to hear that, Iain Osborne, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation, has had a significant input to the terms of reference for the Review on Water and Sewerage. He also informed and assured the Committee that the Utility Regulator is committed to protecting customers.”

At next week’s meeting, Wednesday 20 June 2007, the Committee will receive briefings from a wide range of Stakeholders on Water Reform.

Note for Editor:
The Northern Ireland Assembly has established a Statutory Departmental Committee for Regional Development.

Membership of the Regional Development Committee is as follows :


Mr Fred Cobain

Deputy Chairperson:

Mr Jim Wells

Committee Members:

Mr William Irwin


Mr Stephen Moutray


Mr George Robinson


Mr Brian Wilson


Mr Cathal Boylan


Mr Willie Clarke


Mr Raymond McCartney


Mr John Dallat


Mr John McCallister

The Committee will meet in Parliament Buildings on Wednesday mornings at 10.00am. Visitors are welcome to attend open sessions. Members of the public are advised to check the website prior to arriving at Parliament Buildings as it is likely the Committee will take meetings outside Parliament Buildings.

For further information on the work of the Regional Development Committee, please contact:

Northern Ireland Assembly Information Office,
Room B2, Parliament Buildings,
Belfast BT4 3XX.
Telephone 028 90521137/521396.
Fax 028 90521961.
Website Address: