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16 May 2007
RD 01 /07

On Wednesday 16 May 2007 the first meeting of the Assembly Committee for Regional Development took place in Parliament Buildings. The Minister for Regional Development and officials attended to brief the Committee on key priorities.

Welcoming the challenges posed by regional development, on behalf of the Committee, the Chairperson Mr Fred Cobain stated:

“As a Committee, we all need to work together positively, to secure the best public infrastructure for the people of Northern Ireland and we are committed to working with the Minister and the Department in facing the challenges that lie ahead.

“Regional development issues underpin all aspects of life in Northern Ireland: social, economic and environmental.

“Water reform and planning policy, especially PPS 14, are high on the agenda for the Committee, and water and sewerage will be the main focus of the Committee going forward

“Good quality, integrated roads and public transport networks are necessary to bring people to work, education and training, and social services.

“Sustainable and viable ports and airports are critical in connecting Northern Ireland with the rest of the world, bringing tourists and businesses into Northern Ireland, and enhancing our ability to compete in the global economy.

“None of these are easy issues, however the Committee will not shy away from scrutinising the work of the Minister to ensure that the people of Northern Ireland get the high quality, responsive and value for money services they need from the Department for Regional Development.”

Note for Editor:

The Northern Ireland Assembly has established a Statutory Departmental Committee for Regional Development.

Membership of the Regional Development Committee is as follows :


Mr Fred Cobain


Deputy Chairperson:

Mr Jim Wells


Committee Members:

Mr William Irwin



Mr Stephen Moutray



Mr George Robinson



Mr Brian Wilson



Mr Cathal Boylan



Mr Willie Clarke



Mr Raymond McCartney



Mr John Dallat



Mr John McCallister


The Committee will meet in Parliament Buildings on Wednesday mornings at 10.00am. Visitors are welcome to attend open sessions. Members of the public are advised to check the website prior to arriving at Parliament Buildings as it is likely the Committee will take meetings outside Parliament Buildings.

For further information on the work of the Regional Development Committee, please contact:

Northern Ireland Assembly Information Office,
Room B2, Parliament Buildings,
Belfast BT4 3XX.
Telephone 028 90521137/521396.
Fax 028 90521961.

Website Address: