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Tuesday 30 June 2009

Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister:
End-Year Delivery Report for the Programme for Government

Building A Better Future
The Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme For Government 2008-2011
Delivery Report For Period 1 April 2008 – 31 March 2009

Written Ministerial Statements

The content of this written ministerial statement is as received at the time from the Minister. It has not been subject to the official reporting (Hansard) process.

Office of the first minister and deputy first minister

End-Year Delivery Report for the Programme for Government

Published at 5.00 pm on Tuesday 30 June 2009

The First Minister and deputy First Minister (Mr P Robinson and Mr M McGuinness): On 25 June 2009 the Executive received the end-year Delivery Report for the Programme for Government.

The Delivery Report provides a robust assessment of progress up to 31 March 2009 against our key goals and commitments as set out in the Programme for Government and the departmental targets set out under the 23 Public Service Agreements (PSA). The report also provides an overview of departmental initiatives to address the equality and good relations issues highlighted in the EQIA undertaken at a strategic level on the PfG, Budget and Investment Strategy.

It is clear that substantial progress has been made in the first year of delivery. The Report acknowledges, however, the significant economic challenge we now face and the potential impact this may have on delivery over the longer term. Notwithstanding this, the progress to date and the degree to which departments have collectively engaged to drive delivery provide optimism for positive outcomes in the longer term.

In light of the findings of the Delivery Report, we have decided that reviews should be undertaken on 5 key areas with the aim of overcoming potential barriers to effective delivery. Three reviews will be undertaken at Ministerial level, these are:

Promoting the Study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Green House Gas Emissions and Sustainable Development.


The two further areas of Tourism and Productivity Growth will be reviewed at official level.

A copy of the report will be placed in the Assembly Library. It is also our intention to seek a Take Note debate on the Report after the summer recess.