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Devolution of Policing and Justice Matters

12 January 2010



Members present for all or part of the proceedings:

Mr Jimmy Spratt (Chairperson)
Mr Raymond McCartney (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr Alex Attwood
Mr Simon Hamilton
Mr Danny Kennedy
Mr Alan McFarland
Mr Alex Maskey

The Chairperson (Mr Spratt):

We now move to devolution of policing and justice matters. Before going through the list of issues, I ask whether there has been any movement on parties’ positions.

Mr Hamilton:


Mr McFarland:

We have nothing further to add.

Mr Attwood:

I have nothing further to report.

Mr A Maskey:

We have nothing further to add.

The Chairperson:

That deals with the category two list of issues.

We have outgoing correspondence and documentation on policing and justice matters. On 1 December 2009, the Committee sent a letter to the First Minister and deputy First Minister to remind them of their commitment to appear before the Committee to discuss the category two list of issues and the role of the attorney general. The Committee has not yet received a reply. We previously sent four letters regarding the role of the future attorney general and the report of John Larkin QC. Those letters were sent on 12 June 2009, 17 September 2009, 7 October 2009 and 24 November 2009. The Committee last sent a letter to the Secretary of State on 5 November 2009 to request an update on the position of the strategic review of parading in Northern Ireland. I assume that discussions are ongoing; that has been indicated. Discussions took place yesterday, and, as far as I know, further discussions are taking place today.

Committee members may wish to discuss some of the issues. Alternatively, they may wish to wait to see the possible outcome of discussions over the next few days. Are members happy to wait over the next few days?

Members indicated assent.