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Devolution of Policing and Justice Matters

29 September 2009

Members present for all or part of the proceedings:

Mr Jimmy Spratt (Chairperson)
Mr Nigel Dodds
Mr Simon Hamilton
Mrs Carmel Hanna
Mr Danny Kennedy
Mr Alan McFarland
Mr Alex Maskey
Mr John O’Dowd

The Chairperson (Mr Spratt):

I ask Committee members to declare any interests. I am a member of the Policing Board.

Mr A Maskey:

I am a member of the Policing Board.

The Chairperson:

There are no other declarations of interest.

I do not intend to go through the category 2 list of issues one by one unless it is indicated around the table that that is what members want me to do. Therefore, I am happy for a party to lead the discussion. Has there been any change in the parties’ positions?

Mr A Maskey:

There has been no change, Chairman.

Mr Hamilton:


The Chairperson:

That completes today’s business on the devolution of policing and justice matters.