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Inquiry into the Devolution of Policing & Justice

12 February 2008

Members present for all or part of the proceedings:

Mr Jeffrey Donaldson (Chairperson)
Mr Raymond McCartney (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr Alex Attwood
Mr Danny Kennedy
Mr Nelson McCausland
Mr Ian McCrea
Mr Alan McFarland
Mr George Robinson

The Chairperson:

The first part of the meeting will be public session to deal with the formalities, minutes and so on and then we will move into private session. I remind you that Hansard will take a note of the discussions for the purposes of the report in due course.

Danny Kennedy has notified us that he will be delayed, but there are no other apologies. You have the draft minutes of the proceedings of the meetings held on 5 and 7 February, does any member wish to make any amendments to the minutes or seek any clarification. If not I am happy to sign to both sets of minutes.

Before we move into private session, I invite members to declare any relevant interests. I declare an interest as a member of the Policing Board and the Privy Council.

Mr I McCrea:

I am a member of Cookstown District Policing Partnership.

The Chairperson:

Thank you, members. We are now ready to move into private session.