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Public Accounts Committee


24 March 2011
PAC 10/10/11


Fifty six inquiries and reports have been completed by the Northern Ireland Assembly Public Accounts Committee since devolution in 2007, examining issues as diverse as the Bangor to Belfast Railway upgrade, control of bovine tuberculosis and the recent report on measuring the performance, procurement and governance of NI Water.

Reflecting on the performance of the PAC, Chairperson Paul Maskey MLA said: “The PAC is in a unique position within the Assembly. Our role is to investigate the way that Government departments, arms length bodies and non-governmental agencies conduct their business to ensure that the public is receiving value for money.

“Looking back over the past four years I am particularly proud of the way that the Committee has conducted its activities. One of the most notable achievements is that all of us—no matter which party we are part of—have left our political affiliations at the door of the Committee room. We have investigated a large number of high profile cases and we have often needed to take both Departments and bodies to task for their lax procedures and non-adherence to best practice.

“Many senior officials have been asked to give evidence before my Committee—and these usually represent the worst examples of financial management in the public sector. We also must keep perspective on this matter. The Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office, which prepares audits in public sector, shows that 95% of these audits are satisfactory. The other 5%, some of which we then investigate are in a small minority.

“In the current context of cuts to public services, the Public Accounts Committee will need to be even more vigilant to ensure that standards in public audit are maintained and spending decisions can be fully justified and demonstrated.”


The membership of the Committee since 9 May 2007 has been as follows:

Mr Paul Maskey 5 (Chairperson)
Mr Trevor Lunn
Mr Roy Beggs (Deputy Chairperson)
Mr John Dallat
Mr Gregory Campbell MP 16  
Mr Patsy McGlone 2, 8  
Mr William Irwin 14      
Mr Adrian McQuillan 15    
Mr Mitchel McLaughlin
Ms Dawn Purvis 
Mr Stephen Moutray 12  

1 Mr Mickey Brady replaced Mr Willie Clarke on 1 October 2007

2 Mr Ian McCrea replaced Mr Mickey Brady on 21 January 2008

3 Mr Jim Wells replaced Mr Ian McCrea on 26 May 2008

4 Mr Thomas Burns replaced Mr Patsy McGlone on 4 March 2008

5 Mr Paul Maskey replaced Mr John O’Dowd on 20 May 2008

6 Mr George Robinson replaced Mr Simon Hamilton on 15 September 2008

7 Mr Jim Shannon replaced Mr David Hilditch on 15 September 2008

8 Mr Patsy McGlone replaced Mr Thomas Burns on 29 June 2009

9 Mr David Hilditch replaced Mr George Robinson on 18 September 2009

10 Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson replaced Mr Jim Wells on 18 September 2009

11 The Lord Browne replaced Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson on 19 April 2010

12 Mr Stephen Moutray replaced Mr Jonathan Craig on 19 April 2010

13 Mr Jim Shannon resigned from the Public Accounts Committee on 1 August 2010

14 Mr William Irwin replaced Mr David Hilditch on 13 September 2010

15 Mr Adrian McQuillan replaced The Lord Browne on 13 September 2010

16 Mr Gregory Campbell MP was appointed as a member of the Committee on 13 September 2010

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Communications Officer
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