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OP 23/01/Marshalled


Item 3: Order Paper 23/01 - 11 December 2001

Amendment 1: Executive Committee Business - Motions

Motion: Budget 2002-03

Proposed: At the end add:

'subject to a reduction in expenditure in the following spending areas:

£0.3 million North South Body Carlingford and Irish Lights

£0.2 million North South Body Languages

£0.4 million North South Body Waterways Ireland

£0.1 million North South Body Trade and Business Development

£0.2 million North South Body Special EU Programmes

£0.1 million OFM/DFM

£0.05 million Civic Forum

and requests the Minister of Finance and Personnel to consider the allocation of the resultant savings to the Department for Social Development for the warm home scheme.'

[Mr M Morrow]

Amendment 1: Private Members' Business - Motions

Motion: Crisis in the Health Service

Proposed: At the end add:

'and calls on the Executive to make the necessary resources available to alleviate pressures throughout the Health Service.'

[Mr J Kelly]
[Ms S Ramsey]