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OP 02/02/Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 02/02 - 10 September 2002

Private Members' Business - Motions
Motion: Anti-sectarianism
Amendment 1:

Proposed: In line 4 delete all after 'victims of' and insert:

'terrorist murder, violence and intimidation, rejects republican and loyalist sectarianism and commits itself to providing leadership on this issue in practical ways. This Assembly re-affirms its commitment to non-violence and exclusively peaceful and democratic means and calls upon all parties to actively support and co-operate with the Police Service of Northern Ireland in securing evidence against those involved in violence and in default of their ceasefires.'

[Mr M McGimpsey]
[Dr E Birnie]
[Mr K Robinson]

Amendment 2:

Proposed: In line 2 delete all after 'intimidation' and insert:

'this Assembly expresses its sympathy to all the innocent victims of terrorist attack, murder, violence and intimidation, notes the continued participation by all paramilitary groupings in a campaign of violence and street disorder thus confirming the breakdown of their ceasefires and therefore calls upon the community to support the Police Service of Northern Ireland as part of the battle against all types of terrorism and continuing disorder. This Assembly affirms its commitment to non-violence and exclusively peaceful and democratic means.

[Rev Dr I R K Paisley MP MEP]
[Mr P Robinson MP]
[Mr N Dodds]
[Mr M Morrow]

Amendment 3:

Proposed: In line 3 delete all after 'school' to line 6 'in practical ways' and insert:

'in workplaces, in local communities and in political and policing institutions, this Assembly expresses its sympathy for all those who have been murdered in the course of the current conflict, to all those who have been subject to violence and intimidation from whatever source, rejects sectarianism and commits itself to provide leadership on the issue in practical ways, including: support for local efforts to develop opportunities for good relations; by calling on political parties to oppose any words, actions or displays of a sectarian nature; and by emphasising the importance that the police ensure that vulnerable communities are adequately protected and that those who direct or are involved in criminal or sectarian activities are prosecuted.

[Mr A Attwood]