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Item 4: Order Paper 17-07/08 – 12 November 2007

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion: Road Deaths

That this Assembly calls for an all-Ireland summit to tackle the crisis on our roads, and for the integration of the Road Safety Council and the Road Safety Authority, to deal with the issue of road safety on an all-Ireland basis.

[Mr C Boylan]
[Mr R McCartney]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: Leave out all after ‘Assembly’ and insert:

‘notes the existing level of cooperation between the road safety authorities in Northern Ireland and those in the Republic of Ireland; further notes that a review of Northern Ireland’s road safety strategy is currently under way which can draw on experience from other countries; and calls for further measures to be taken to ensure that the current progress on improving road safety is sustained and increased.’

[Mr P Weir]
[Mr I McCrea]
[Rt Hon J Donaldson]

Amendment 2: Leave out all after ‘Assembly’ and insert:

‘notes the cooperation between the Department of Transport in the Republic of Ireland and the Department of the Environment, as well as the rapid progress made by the Road Safety Authority in the Republic of Ireland in the past year; and calls for increased cooperation between it and the Road Safety Council in Northern Ireland to promote best practice in road safety education and enforcement across the island, including bilateral conferences not less than once a year.

[Mr D Ford]