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Item 3: Order Paper 13/07 – 19 June 2007

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion: Teacher Induction Year

That this Assembly notes that, following the McCrone Report: ‘A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century’, a teacher induction scheme guarantees a one-year teaching post to every student graduating from a Scottish university with a teaching qualification; and calls upon the Minister of Education to liaise with the Scottish Executive on this matter, with a view to a similar scheme being introduced for teachers who train in Northern Ireland.

[Mr A Ross]
[Miss M McIlveen]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: Leave out all after ‘post’ and insert:

‘in Scotland to every student teacher graduating from a Scottish university; further notes the publication of the Curran report ‘Improving Conditions, Raising Standards’, with the recommendation that a similar induction scheme is introduced in Northern Ireland; and calls on the Minister of Education and the Executive to implement the recommendations of the Curran report, including those on newly qualified teachers.’

[Mr D Bradley]

Amendment 2: Leave out all after the third ‘to’ and insert:

‘asking the Executive to consider the matter in the context of the Comprehensive Spending Review, and in light of other budgetary pressures facing the Executive.’

[Mr P Butler]
[Mrs M O’Neill]