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OP 12-10/11 Marshalled


Item 3: Order Paper 12-10/11– 19 October 2010

Private Members’ Business - Motions
Motion : Enforcement of EU Animal Welfare Legislation

That this Assembly notes with concern that EU animal welfare legislation, introducing a ban on the use of conventional cages for laying hens from 1 January 2012, may not be enforced equally across all EU member states; further notes that there is a danger that this will place Northern Ireland producers, who meet the highest EU agreed welfare standards, at a competitive disadvantage; and calls on the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to make representations to her counterparts in Westminster and Brussels in relation to this issue.

[Mr T Elliott]
[Mr B Armstrong]
[Mr G Savage]
[Mr J McCallister]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment for debate
Proposed: At end insert:

‘; and further calls on the Minister to make money available from her Department through the Farm Modernisation Scheme or another programme to assist poultry farmers to upgrade their systems in advance of the deadline.’

[Mr W Irwin]
[Mr S Moutray]

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