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OP 44/09-10 Marshalled


Item 3: Order Paper 44-09/10– 16 March 2010

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion: Setting Priorities for European Funding

That this Assembly recognises the important contribution that European funding makes to communities; and calls on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in setting the priorities for any future funding from Europe.

[Ms J McCann]
[Mr M McLaughlin]
[Mr F McCann]

The Speaker has selected the following amendments for debate:
Amendment 1:

Proposed: insert at end:

‘; believes that opportunities for inter-jurisdictional EU funded projects have not been fully developed; and further calls on the NSMC and BIC to assess and identify where such funding opportunities exist including in the economic, education and innovation sectors.’

[Mr D O’Loan]
[Mr A Attwood]
[Mr A Maginness]