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OP 14-09/10 Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 14-09/10– 3 November 2009

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion: North West Region

That this Assembly recognises the impact which the economic recession has had on the North West region; and calls on the Minister of Enterprise Trade and Investment and the Minister for Employment and Learning to declare the North West an area of special economic need; and to take new and innovative measures to mitigate the economic crisis in the region.

[Ms M Anderson]
[Mr F Brolly]
[Mr P Doherty]
[Mrs C McGill]

Amendment 1:

Proposed: At end insert:

‘; and also calls for the North-West Gateway Initiative to be renewed under the authority of the North-South Ministerial Council with reports to plenary and other formats.’

[Mr M Durkan]
[Mr P Ramsey]
[Mrs M Bradley]

Motion: Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

That this Assembly considers the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s advice to the Secretary of State “A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland” as incompatible with the provisions of the Belfast Agreement; notes with concern that the proposals would undermine the democratic role and authority of this Assembly and the Parliament of the United Kingdom; and urges the Secretary of State not to implement the report’s recommendations.

[Mr T Elliott]
[Mr D Kennedy]

Amendment 1:

Proposed: Delete all after Assembly and insert:

‘notes the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s advice to the Secretary of State, ‘A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland,’ and calls on the Secretary of State to publish the consultation document as soon as possible.’

[Ms D Purvis]