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OP 58-08/09 Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 58 08/09 – 26 May 2009

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion - Educational Underachievement

That this Assembly urges the Minister of Education to put in place more efficient, targeted measures to deal with educational underachievement rather than relying on the mechanism of free school meal entitlement.

[Mr B McCrea]
[Mr T Elliott]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: Leave out all after ‘Assembly’ and insert :

‘recognises the relationship between educational underachievement and social deprivation and that the use of free school meal entitlement is a robust indicator of children from low income households; further recognises that educational underachievement is caused by a range of social and economic factors; and urges all the Executive Departments to tackle these factors in a joined up way.’

[Mr J O’Dowd]
[Ms M O’Neill]

Amendment 2: At end insert :

‘; and notes the issue of underachievement of boys, and specifically boys from deprived Protestant areas, as identified by reports commissioned by NISRA into the literacy and numeracy of pupils; and calls on the Minister of Education to outline what action her Department is taking to address this specific problem.’

[Mr N McCausland]
[Mr M Storey]