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OP 57-08/09 Marshalled


Item 2: Order Paper 57 08/09 – 19 May 2009

Private Members’ Business - Motions

Motion - Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Review

That this Assembly calls on the Executive to agree to publishing, for consultation, the Special Educational Needs and Inclusion policy proposals tabled to it by the Minister of Education, thereby enabling the £25 million ring-fenced by the Minister of Education to be used to implement the changes that will benefit all children with special educational needs.

[Mrs M O’Neill]
[Mr J O’Dowd]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: Leave out all after ‘Executive’ and insert:

‘to publish, for consultation, proposals to improve and modernise services for children with special educational needs including the statementing process; notes that spending on special needs has increased by £53 million in two years and that the increase year on year in the number of young people confirmed with special needs will quickly absorb additional funding; supports the existing definition of special education needs; and affirms that the focus of Executive Ministers in these challenging economic times should be on assisting those children with the most severe learning difficulties rather than seeking to broaden the definition to incorporate social factors.’

[Mr M Storey]
[Mr N McCausland]
[Miss M McIlveen]