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OP 23-08/09 Marshalled


Item 4: Order Paper 23 08/09 – 8 December 2008

Private Members’ Business - Motions
Motion - Current Economic Downturn

That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Finance and Personnel to recognise fully the significant potential for job losses due to the current economic downturn; to detail what assistance he can draw on from the Treasury; and to produce urgently an action plan to assist small businesses, especially with regard to cash flow relief, and the level of assistance his Department can initiate locally.

[Mr D McNarry]
[Mr L Cree]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: At end insert:

‘; and furthermore, to set out what steps are being taken to accelerate investment and to re-direct resources to both boost the level of economic activity and to re-balance the economy.’

[Dr S Farry]
[Mr S Neeson]

Amendment 2: At end insert:

‘; and further calls on the Executive to

[Mr D O’Loan]
[Dr A McDonnell]