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Item 4: Order Paper 5 08/09 – 29 September 2008

Private Members’ Business - Motions
Motion – Increase in Energy Prices

That this Assembly deplores the 33.3% rise in electricity prices by Northern Ireland Electricity and the 19.2% increase in Phoenix Natural Gas prices; and calls on the Executive to set up an inquiry into (i) electricity and gas prices; (ii) their comparability with the rest of the United Kingdom; (iii) their impact on inflation and manufacturing costs here; (iv) their impact on households; and (v) the availability of oil and gas storage facilities.

[Mr D McNarry]
[Mr F Cobain]
[Mr D Kennedy]

The Speaker has selected the following amendment(s) for debate:

Amendment 1: Leave out all after the second ‘prices’ and insert:

‘; acknowledges the independent review of the electricity price rise commissioned by the Utility Regulator; and calls upon the Executive to bring forward a new energy strategy that focuses on ensuring secure and sustainable supplies of electricity and gas within a competitive market that drives down prices for all consumers.’

[Mr S Hamilton]
[Lord Morrow]

Amendment 2: Leave out all after ‘Executive’ and insert:

‘to bring forward an Action Plan to counter the effects of rising electricity and gas prices on (i) private household budgets; (ii) manufacturing costs for businesses; (iii) inflation for consumers; and (iv) availability of oil and gas storage facilities.’

[Mr S Neeson]
[Ms A Lo]

Amendment 3: At end insert:

‘; and further calls for a clearly defined role for the Consumer Council in the regulatory process with a view to maximising public confidence in price controls; asks the Regulator and the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment to explore ways of improving consumer access to the single energy market; and recalls the motion of the Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment on Rising Energy Costs unanimously adopted by the Assembly on 30 June 2008.’

[Dr A McDonnell]
[Mr P McGlone]