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 24 February 2011
28 February 2011
3 March 2011
Primary Legislation      
Subordinate Legislation Oral briefing on proposals to increase County Court Jurisdictions + SL1 on County Court Financial Limits Order

Crown Court Remuneration - Proposals
  Oral briefing on assignment of two Counsel – EQIA + proposals
Policy Scrutiny (oral and written briefings)     Oral briefing by the Minister of Justice on the Prison Review Team Interim Report Oral briefing by Dame Anne Owers on the Prison Review Team Interim Report
Budget Scrutiny        
PfG/PSA/Business Plan Scrutiny        
Consultations/Briefings Written briefing on results of the consultation exercise on Access NI    
Committee Visits      
Committee Informal Meetings/Events        


10 March 2011
15 March 2011
22 March 2011
Primary Legislation Oral briefing on PACE (Retention of Fingerprints, Samples etc) Bill    
Subordinate Legislation SL1 – Court of Judicature Rules

SL5 – Family Proceedings Rules
SL1 – Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings – Costs (Amendment) Rules (NI) – Transfer of appropriate role to Legal Services Commission

SL5 – Crown Court Rules
Policy Scrutiny (oral and written briefings)   Oral up-date briefing by Youth Justice Review Team

Oral briefing on PSNI Severance arrangements

Written up-date on action plan to reduce avoidable delay in the Criminal Justice System

Oral briefing on Code of Practice for Victims of Crime
Departmental oral briefing on Equal Pay Claims

Oral Briefing by Trade Unions on Equal Pay Claims – to be confirmed

Oral briefing on Coroners and Justice Act 2009
Budget Scrutiny   Written briefing on DoJ Efficiency Reform Programme    
PfG/PSA/Business Plan Scrutiny        
Consultations/Briefings   Oral briefing on Assembly Research paper on mental health issues and prisons

Written briefing on consultation approach in relation to DoJ Equality Scheme
Oral briefing by the Organised Crime Task Force agencies (PSNI, SOCA, HMRC and UKBA)
Committee Visits      
Committee Informal Meetings/Events   Visit to the Historical Enquiries Team    


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