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Welcome to the Home Page of the Finance and Personnel Committee which has been established to advise and assist the Minister of Finance and Personnel, Dr Sean Farren in the formulation of policy with respect to matters within his responsibilies and to undertake a scrutiny, policy development and consultation role with respect to the Minister of Finance and Personnel, Dr Sean Farren.

Here you will find information about the Committee membership and the work of the Committee. Membership(11)

Alliance Mr Seamus Close
Democratic Unionist Party

Mr Maurice Morrow1
Mr Peter Weir
Mr Roger Hutchinson2

Sinn Fein Mr Francie Molloy*
Mr Alex Maskey
Social Democratic and Labour Party Mr Alex Attwood
Mrs Patricia Lewsley3
Ulster Unionist Party Mr Roy Beggs**4
Mr William Bell
Mr Derek Hussey

**Deputy Chairperson


1. Mr Maurice Morrow replaced Mr Peter Robinson on 12 November 2001. Mr Robinson had replaced Mr Oliver Gibson on 2 October 2000.
2. Mr Roger Hutchinson replaced Mr Nigel Dodds on 12 November 2001. Mr Dodds had replaced Mr Gardiner Kane on 2 October 2000.
3. Ms Patricia Lewsley repalced Mr Donovan McClelland on 15 January 2001.
4. Mr Roy Beggs Jnr replaced Mr James Leslie on 20 February 2002.